Mission, Vision and Values Statements

NMSU Theatre Arts assists New Mexico State University and its College of Arts and Sciences in providing quality education and enriching culture through scholarship and creative activities...

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  • Student achievement awards, teaching staff, staff, councils and constituents

    Student achievement awards, teaching staff, staff, councils and constituents

Mark Medoff

Mark Medoff

The NMSU Department of Theatre Arts and the American Southwest Theatre Company honor the memory
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Asia Theater Arts Bali Agung Theater Show

Asia Theater Arts Bali Agung Theater Show

Asia Theater Arts Bali Agung Theater Show – this time we will discuss Theater arts in Asia, right in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a large country and has a great diversity of ethnicities and cultures.

This becomes interesting to review for theater arts in this country of Indonesia.

One of them is the Bali Agung Theater Show which is already very well-known among art lovers.

Bali is one of the tourist islands in the country of Indonesia, the island of the gods or known as the island of Bali is already very well known throughout the world.

Yes, where this island is a very beautiful tourist spot, even its beauty is dubbed as a very exotic tourist paradise.

Bali Island

A variety of natural beauty that is extraordinary, from coastal tourism to its mountains which have a tropical climate makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Asia.

On the island of Bali also known for its art which is very preserved until today.

One of them is the art of the Bali Agung Theater Show which gives spectacular performances.

Collaborating with one of the largest companies from abroad called Safari & Marine Park which is located in the Bali Theater Building, a combination of one area that makes it one of the must-visit tourist destinations if you are on Bali.

Theater art of the life and beauty of Bali Island of the Gods

Spectacular performances of Theater Arts which are lifted from various sides of life and beauty of the Bali Island of the Gods which are supported by approximately 191 dancers and 220 talented performers from Bali.

Not only that, this show also involved live animals such as elephants, tigers and so on, it was extraordinary.

The famous art from Bali is already recognized in the world is one of the arts that must be preserved.

Intrigued by the art of the Bali Agung Show Theater? please watch the following short video.

If one of you is interested in visiting the island of Bali, or there are plans for a vacation in the future, maybe the island of Bali can be one of the right destinations.…

Mission, Vision and Values Statements

Mission, Vision and Values Statements

NMSU Theatre Arts assists New Mexico State University and its College of Arts and Sciences in providing quality education and enriching culture through scholarship and creative activities. We promote life-long discovery and nurture skilled, thoughtful, responsible and passionate citizens through a broad-based, liberal arts education that combines courses in theatre history, literature, theory and production arts.  The department serves as a major cultural asset to the campus and community through its association with American Southwest Theatre Company.

By 2025, NMSU Theatre Arts will be a widely-recognized leader in the arts by our community, state and region.

NMSU Theatre Arts values learning and knowledge, respect, collaboration, leadership, outreach, integration of theory and practice, new theatrical works, and rigor and commitment.…

Student achievement awards, teaching staff, staff, councils and constituents

Student achievement awards, teaching staff, staff, councils and constituents

Student achievement awards, teaching staff, staff, councils and constituents – Every season, we celebrate the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, board and constituents with an awards celebration.  Below, please find our recipients.

Also read the previous article High Desert Play Development


In recognition for outstanding contributions to the Department of Theatre Arts – our highest honor

Robert Sciortino – 2017

Cameron Lang – 2016

Nicole Bartlett – 2015

Claire Koleske – 2014

William Zimmerman – 2014

Jordan Kruis – 2013

Jessica Thierry – 2012

Petrina Strader – 2011

Ben Adams – 2010

Amy Archibeque – 2009

Rebecca McCallum – 2009

Kyle Melton – 2008

Ryan Bochnowski – 2007

Jenna Guitar – 2006

Mike Sepulveda – 2005

Brenda Walker – 2005

Morgan Aldrich – 2004

Santino Jimenez – 2003

Gavin Worth – 2002

Patia Bartlett – 2001


In recognition of outstanding achievement

Taylor Rodriguez –  Servant, Servant of Two Masters – 2017

Austin Parish – Robert, The Drowsy Chaperone – 2017

Connor Schultz – Creature, Frankenstein – 2016

Josh Horton – Orsino, 12th Night – 2016

Josh Horton – Alceste, The Misanthrope – 2015

Brett McClellan – Scrooge, A Christmas Carol – 2014

William Zimmerman – Frank ‘N Furter, The Rocky Horror Show – 2013

Erin McClure – Julie, Miss Julie – 2012

Josh Padilla – Eugene, Brighton Beach Memoirs – 2012

Peter Huckabee – CB, Dog Sees God – 2011

Christopher Rivas – Khlestakov, The Government Inspector – 2011

Matt Jones – Horton, Seussical – 2010

Matt Jones – Terrence, Pixie – 2009

Sarah Vannest – Rachel, Reckless – 2008

Scott Drayer – Cat in the Hat, Seussical – 2007

Gabe Morrison – The Writer, The Good Doctor – 2006

Gabe Morrison – Adam, The Shape of Things – 2005

Felisa Smithson – Evelyn, The Shape of Things – 2005

Trey McCurley – Dr. Rance, What the Butler Saw – 2004

Jeremy Gwin – Father, Six Characters in Search of an Author – 2003


In recognition of outstanding achievement

Megan Thompson – Costume design, Drowsy Chaperone, 2017

Isaac Lucero, Joey Rodriguez – original music, 12th Night – 2016

Julio C. Hernandez – Costume Design, Red/Aunt Raini – 2015

Sarah Gallegos – Scenic Artist – 2014

Kaitlin Sikes – Costume Design, The Misanthrope – 2014

Kaitlin Sikes – Costume Design, Sweet, Sweet Spirit/Our Town – 2013

Iliana Perez – Scenic Design, hard 2 spel dad – 2012

Valerie Cadena – Costume Design, Once in a Lifetime – 2012

Valerie Cadena – Costume Design, Dog Sees God – 2011

Erica Powell – Lighting Design/Scenic Artist – 2010

MacKenzie Tharrington – Lighting Design, Pixie – 2009

Kyle Melton – Scenic Design, Bus Stop/Reckless – 2008

Zac Bannister – Director, Vincent in Brixton – 2007

Ryan Bochnowski – Lighting Design, Holy Ghosts – 2006

Efrain Schunior – Director, On the Verge – 2005

Crystal Herman – Costume Design, Machinal – 2005

Crystal Herman – Costume Design, Africa A to Z – 2004

John Burke – Assistant Director, Antigone – 2003


In recognition of outstanding achievement

Joey Rodriguez – Adolpho, The Drowsy Chaperone – 2017

Parigrynne Cox – Tille, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds – 2016

Isaac Lucero – Feste, 12th Night – 2016

Ron Drynan – Liam, West Highland Way – 2015

Austin Parrish – Oronte, The Misanthrope – 2014

Lily Staski – Old Man/Centipede, James and the Giant Peach – 2014

Lindsey Porter – Suzanne, Sweet, Sweet Spirit – 2013

Teddy Sanchez – Jack, Brighton Beach Memoirs – 2012

Francesca Tharpe – Adriana, Comedy of Errors – 2011

Matt Jones – Tony Lumpkin, She Stoops to Conquer – 2010

Amy Archibeque – Gladiola, Cinderella – 2009

Sarah Vannest – Petunia, Cinderella – 2009

Sean Darragh – Nick, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf – 2008

Leandra Barreras – Gertrude McFuzz, Seussical – 2007

Matthew Esqueda – Virgil Tides, Holy Ghosts – 2006

Frankie Rentas – Grover, etc., On the Verge – 2005

Anthony Baker – Crooks, Of Mice and Men – 2004

Frankie Rentas – Nicholas, What the Butler Saw – 2004

Ashley Foster – Ilona Ritter, She Loves Me – 2003


In recognition of outstanding achievement

Kia Ashley – Stage Manager – 2016 The Drowsy Chaperone

Aidan Viscarra – House Manager – 2016

Kia Ashley – Stage Manager – 2015

Jordan Kruis – Stage Manager – 2014

Megan Gorby – Stage Manager – 2013

Josie Parsons – Crew – 2013

Megan Gorby – Stage Manager – 2012

Roxanne De Luna – Wigs – 2011

Jordan Levick – Crew – 2010

Erica Powell – Crew – 2010

Erica Powell – Stage Manager – 2009

Jeff Tydlaska – Crew – 2009

Laura Reyes – Stage Manager – 2008

Melissa Neville – Stage Manager – 2007

Seth Barker – Stage Manager – 2006

Efrain Schunior – Stage Manager – 2005

Brenda Walker – Stage Manager – 2004

Brenda Walker – Stage Manager – 2003


In recognition for outstanding contributions to the Department of Theatre Arts in the areas of Advocacy, Leadership, Scholarship and Service

Christa Slaton – Advocacy – 2015

Josh Chenard – Leadership – 2015

Nicole Bartlett – Scholarship – 2015

Mike Cook – Service – 2015

Chuck and Sally Bisbee – Advocacy – 2014

Barb Ross – Leadership – 2014

Nicole Bartlett – Scholarship – 2014

David Hereford – Service – 2014

James Gerwels – Advocacy – 2013

Teddy Sanchez – Leadership – 2013

Josh Padilla – Scholarship – 2013

Kevin Andrew, Chuck McMahon, Robert Pirtle – Service – 2013

Ruth Cantrell – Leadership – 2012

Claire Koleske, William Zimmerman – Scholarship – 2012

Jim Billings – Service – 2012

Christa Slaton – Advocacy – 2011

Mandolynn Browning – Scholarship – 2011

CJ Jorgensen, Melissa Patti – Service – 2011

Greg Fant – Advocacy – 2010

Carolyn Williams – Leadership – 2010

Aldo Maldonado – Scholarship – 2010

Mike Wise – Service – 2010


In recognition for outstanding contributions by ASTC Board of Directors

Megn McQueen, Deborah Storm, Roanna St. Clair – 2015

Megan McQueen, Tiffini Reimann, Denise Welsh – 2014

Megan McQueen, Deborah Storm, Denise Welsh – 2013

Claudia Billings, Megan McQueen, Denise Welsh – 2012

Claudia Billings, Barb Ross, Denise Welsh – 2011

Judy Finch, Deb Hickey, Denise Welsh – 2010…

High Desert Play Development

High Desert Play Development

High Desert Play Development – was founded in 2005 under the co-drection of Professors Tom Smith and Dr. William Storm.

Also read the previous article Main Requirements arts theater

High Desert is a bi-annual program that solicits new plays from 15-20 nationally-renowned emerging playwrights.

Two scripts are selected to participate in a week-long developmental reading program in which the playwright, a director, a dramaturg and actors prepare the script for a public staged reading.

Following the reading series, one of the two scripts is selected for a fully-mounted production the next season.

The playwright is in-residence for one or two weeks of the rehearsal or performance process.

What is unique about our program is that we are here entirely to serve the needs of the playwright.

As such, we do not require submission fees; we do not claim ownership or a future in the play; we offer feedback to the playwright only as requested; and we allow the playwright to classify the play as either a workshop production or as a world premiere as they see fit.

in an article in The Dramatist

High Desert was featured in an article in The Dramatist, the national magazine for playwrights, as well as articles in several other magazines, journals and at national theatre conferences.

In 2015, the program celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Our 2006-2007 inaugural season included Penny Penniston’s Spin and John Walch’s The Nature of Mutation. The Nature of Mutation was fully-produced by New Mexico State University Theatre Arts in March, 2007.

In 2008, we staged a reading of Lydia Stryk’s On Clarion and Matt Casarino’s Pixie.

Pixie was chosen for full production in 2009. In Spring 2010, we produced a reading of Balls, by Jonathan Yukich, and produced Carol Carpenter’s Good Lonely People in Fall 2011.

In Spring 2012, Carol Carpenter’s Sweet, Sweet Spirit and Andrea Stolowitz’s Antarktikos were workshopped; Sweet, Sweet Spirit was fully produced in Fall 2012.

In January, 2014, we produced readings of For the Falls, by Emily Dendinger and West Highland Way by Meridith Friedman.

We opened out 2014-2015 season with West Highland Way. We also hosted a second workshop of For the Falls. In 2016 we presented readings of both In Loco Parentis, by Adam Kraar, and Tori Keenan-Zelt’s Truth Dare…

Although we do not accept unsolicited scripts, if you are a playwright and are interested in being considered for our program, please contact us.

High Desert Play Development

Main Requirements arts theater

Main Requirements arts theater

Main Requirements arts theater – With strong emphases in acting, musical theatre, new works and design/technical theatre, the program prepares students for graduate study or a life in the profession.

Students gain practical experience through a wide array of courses designed to expose them to the varied aspects and positions involved in theatrical production.

The faculty is augmented by nationally-renowned theatre artists-in-residence.

A minimum of 62 credits with grades of C- or higher in theatre arts is required for the major. Total Upper Division Credits Required: (Min. 48)

Students enrolled in this department’s major or minor may count credits in required applied courses toward their degrees beyond the normal maximum of 9 credits allowed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

However, if a student changes the major or does not complete the requirements for the minor at the time of graduation, they may only count a maximum of 9 credits of the applied credits toward graduation.

Students preparing to teach in the public schools may qualify for certification by completing the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with theatre arts as a teaching field. (See the College of Education webpage.)

Departmental Requirements for the Major

All majors must register for Theatre Workshop credits (.5) every semester:THTR 200 for freshman/sophomores; THTR 300 for juniors/seniors.

THTR 110, Acting I (3)

THTR 120, Stage Movement (3)

THTR 130, The Art of Theatre (3)

THTR 141 and 141L, Introduction to Stage Craft and Lab* (3/1)

THTR 142 and 142L, Introduction to Costume Craft and Lab* (3/1)

THTR 149, Running Crew I (2)

THTR 200/300 Theatre Workshop (register for half a credit every semester)

THTR 205, Vocal Production (3)

THTR 249, Running Crew II (1)

THTR 250, Intro to Design (3)

THTR 303, Theatre History I (3)

THTR 304, Theatre History II (3)

THTR 345, Costume Practicum (1)

THTR 346, Scenic Practicum (1)

THTR 347, Lighting Practicum (1)

THTR 348, Running Crew III (1)

THTR 349, Running Crew IV (1)

THTR 395, Directing I (3)

THTR 439, Senior Seminar (3)

Select one from the following: THTR 321G, Modern European Drama; THTR 322, Dramatic Character; THTR 323, American Drama (3)

Select one from the following: THTR 353, Scene Design; THTR 352, Costume Design; THTR 354 Sound Design or THTR 355, Lighting Design (3)

THTR elective courses (9):

Choose any TWO courses for SIX (6) credits from the following, THTR 300/400 level: Acting, Design, Theatre Management, Society in Style, Creative Drama, Playwriting or Literature course

Choose an additional THREE (3) credits of THTR 300/400 level in any area.

Departmental Requirements for the Musical Theatre Concentration

The musical theatre concentration is designed to provide students with training in musical theatre performance, including singing, dancing and acting.

To earn the optional concentration in musical theatre, all courses for the Theatre Arts major must be met, except for the requirement of 9 THTR elective courses.

Instead, students must take the following courses:

THTR 317, Musical Theatre I (3)

THTR 417, Musical Theatre II (3)

DANC 124 Jazz Technique I,

DANC 224 Jazz Technique II;

Choose an additional course from; DANC 123, 223, 323 (ballet), DANC 127, 227, 327 (Tap), DANC 126, 226, 326 (Modern)

6 credits in class voice or applied music-vocal: MUS 130, Applied Music (Voice)

2 of these credits may be choral ensemble or opera workshop: MUS 160/161/162/251/351/361/368

Departmental Requirements for the Minor

The Department of Theatre Arts has one minor in Theatre Arts.

Students must pass a minimum of 9 lower division and 9 upper division THTR credits with grades of C- or higher to earn the minor.

A student cannot earn both a B.A. in Theatre Arts and a minor in Theatre Arts.

Degree Map–Currently being updated.

Our goal is to help you graduate in four years with your Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts.

To meet this goal, we have created this degree map you may choose to follow, to help you best understand our sequence of classes and which classes you should take when.…