Major and Minor Requirements


With strong emphases in acting, musical theatre, new works and design/technical theatre, the program prepares students for graduate study or a life in the profession. Students gain practical experience through a wide array of courses designed to expose them to the varied aspects and positions involved in theatrical production. The faculty is augmented by nationally-renowned theatre artists-in-residence.

A minimum of 62 credits with grades of C- or higher in theatre arts is required for the major. Total Upper Division Credits Required: (Min. 48)

Students enrolled in this department's major or minor may count credits in required applied courses toward their degrees beyond the normal maximum of 9 credits allowed in the College of Arts and Sciences. However, if a student changes the major or does not complete the requirements for the minor at the time of graduation, they may only count a maximum of 9 credits of the applied credits toward graduation.

Students preparing to teach in the public schools may qualify for certification by completing the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with theatre arts as a teaching field. (See the College of Education webpage.)

Departmental Requirements for the Major

All majors must register for Theatre Workshop credits (.5) every semester:THTR 200 for freshman/sophomores; THTR 300 for juniors/seniors

Departmental Requirements for the Musical Theatre Concentration

The musical theatre concentration is designed to provide students with training in musical theatre performance, including singing, dancing and acting.  To earn the optional concentration in musical theatre, all courses for the Theatre Arts major must be met, except for the requirement of 9 THTR elective courses.  Instead, students must take the following courses:

Departmental Requirements for the Minor

The Department of Theatre Arts has one minor in Theatre Arts. Students must pass a minimum of 9 lower division and 9 upper division THTR credits with grades of C- or higher to earn the minor. A student cannot earn both a B.A. in Theatre Arts and a minor in Theatre Arts.

Degree Map--Currently being updated.

Our goal is to help you graduate in four years with your Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts.  To meet this goal, we have created this degree map you may choose to follow, to help you best understand our sequence of classes and which classes you should take when.