British Studies Program

New Mexico State University partners with a consortium of universities to provide students the opportunity to study in London every summer. NMSU Theatre Arts students have been active and enthusiastic participants in the Theatre and Shakespeare courses, gaining valuable practical and theoretical insights into their profession while enjoying some of the best theatre in the world!

The Basics

Statue of Laurence Olivier

Shakespeare/Theatre students at the statue of Laurence Olivier on the Southbank (Summer 2009)


British Studies Program students earn six hours of upper division credit in the course of one month in London.  To be eligible for the program, students must have attained sophomore status (28 credits including successful completion of Math 210 and English 111G) and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
Dates vary each year, but courses generally run from early July to early August. Classes usually meet Monday through Thursday twice a day (some courses require evening meetings). There is also a five-day mini-break to allow students to travel throughout England and to the Continent.
Shakespeare students at the site of The Theatre
Shakespeare students at the site of The Theatre (Summer 2008)

The Courses

The British Studies Program offers a series of outstanding courses every year.  Each course mixes lectures and guest speakers with site visits and workshops—our classroom is London itself!  

Recent course offerings include:                             

Shakespeare/Theatre students at the replica Globe Theatre
Shakespeare/Theatre students at the replica Globe Theatre          (Summer 2009)
          +  Criminal Justice
          +  Public Health
          +  History (World War II)
          +  Photography
          +  Business
          +  Politics
          +  Sociology
          +  Humanities
All courses are open to all interested and eligible students, but NMSU Theatre Arts majors often find that two specific courses apply most directly to their degree programs.  Those courses are…
Theatre – The Theatre course exposes students to the whole of the London theatre scene.  Students explore the highest quality commercial theatre in London’s West End; unique national theatre companies like the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre, which are dedicated to preserving theatre’s past and forging its future; historical theatres including Shakespeare’s Globe, the Old Vic, Drury Lane, and Covent Garden; and the experimental and edgy work on London’s fringe scene.  As part of the course, students will see 6 – 10 shows representative of the wide range of theatre on offer in London.  Guest lecturers cover all aspects of London theatre—actors, directors, designers, critics, scholars, and producers frequent the class to share their unique experiences.  Other highlights of recent courses include:
Samuel Johnson’s House
Theatre Students at Samuel Johnson’s House (Summer 2007)
Shakespeare – The Shakespeare course concentrates on the work of England’s foremost playwright. Students explore Shakespeare’s biography, Shakespeare in performance, the Shakespeare Industry, Shakespearean criticism,and Shakespearean textual studies. As part of the course, students will see 6 – 10 plays at venues including Shakespeare’s Globe, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, and the Royal National Theatre.  Guest lecturers represent all aspects of Shakespeare studies—actors, directors, designers, critics, and scholars all address students on their contributions to the Shakespeare industry.  Other highlights of recent courses include:


 Theatre Students at Shakespeare’s Birthplace 
British Studies Program – Theatre Students at Shakespeare’s Birthplace (Summer 2007)