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Asia Theater Arts Bali Agung Theater Show

Asia Theater Arts Bali Agung Theater Show – this time we will discuss Theater arts in Asia, right in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a large country and has a great diversity of ethnicities and cultures.

This becomes interesting to review for theater arts in this country of Indonesia.

One of them is the Bali Agung Theater Show which is already very well-known among art lovers.

Bali is one of the tourist islands in the country of Indonesia, the island of the gods or known as the island of Bali is already very well known throughout the world.

Yes, where this island is a very beautiful tourist spot, even its beauty is dubbed as a very exotic tourist paradise.

Bali Island

A variety of natural beauty that is extraordinary, from coastal tourism to its mountains which have a tropical climate makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Asia.

On the island of Bali also known for its art which is very preserved until today.

One of them is the art of the Bali Agung Theater Show which gives spectacular performances.

Collaborating with one of the largest companies from abroad called Safari & Marine Park which is located in the Bali Theater Building, a combination of one area that makes it one of the must-visit tourist destinations if you are on Bali.

Theater art of the life and beauty of Bali Island of the Gods

Spectacular performances of Theater Arts which are lifted from various sides of life and beauty of the Bali Island of the Gods which are supported by approximately 191 dancers and 220 talented performers from Bali.

Not only that, this show also involved live animals such as elephants, tigers and so on, it was extraordinary.

The famous art from Bali is already recognized in the world is one of the arts that must be preserved.

Intrigued by the art of the Bali Agung Show Theater? please watch the following short video.

If one of you is interested in visiting the island of Bali, or there are plans for a vacation in the future, maybe the island of Bali can be one of the right destinations.…