Space Usage

NMSU Theatre Arts students may feel free to use any of our spaces (Readers Theatre, the greenroom, the Hershel Zohn rehearsal Hall, lobbies, etc.) to work on classroom projects anytime they are open and available.  You do not need permission to do so; however, if your rehearsals become disruptive to a class, you may be asked to move to an alternate space.  During performances of a main stage production, you may only use the rehearsal hall or Readers Theatre to prevent interrupting the performance.

If you would like to book a space to guarantee it will be available to you, you may do so by talking with the department's Theatre Manager.  By booking the space, you have to right to request anyone else using the space to vacate it.  The only exception to this is if faculty are already using the space.  Booking the space is free, but we do ask that you book no more than a few slots at a time to allow maximum use by all students.

If you would like to book a space for a university project or something school-related that isn’t directly related to the Theatre Arts department, you will need to fill out a space usage form available from the department’s Theatre Manager (or Administrative Assistant for Reader's Theatre).  Typically there is a fee associated with usage of these spaces.

If you would like to book a space for something that is not school-related (a party, rehearsals for a show produced by another theatre company, etc.), you will be considered a renter and will be assessed a fee. All rentals must go through the Theatre Manager. Rental agreements take longer to approve, so please allow at least two weeks before your event.