How can I contact you?

American Southwest Theatre Company
PO Box 30001; MSC 3072
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
(575) 646-4517
Contact us here
Our physical address is 1000 East University Avenue.

How can I rent your space?
Because of our class and production schedule, we are rarely able to rent our space during the months of August through May. There is greater availability May through August.  To see if our space is available, please contact Theatre Manager Matt Reynolds at matcreyn@nmsu.edu or (575) 646-5730.
What is the connection between American Southwest Theatre Company and New Mexico State University/NMSU Theatre Arts?
American Southwest Theatre Company is a non-profit organization and was originally founded to be a professional (LORT) theatre company. Due to financial constraints, that goal was never fully-realized.
The state of New Mexico is a “right-to-work” state, meaning that we are not under a mandate to use labor unions. Because of this, the state requested that no state organization (including NMSU) hire union workers. In order for NMSU Theatre Arts to use theatre artists that are union, ASTC—as its own organization—raises funds and hires union artists and “donates” them to NMSU Theatre Arts.
NMSU Theatre Arts is the official producer of all shows. It keeps all ticket revenue, selects all productions, and pays for all production costs. ASTC hires all guest artists.
Together, the two organizations enjoy a symbiotic relationship and share both resources and funding opportunities.
Who are the key ASTC personnel?
In addition to our Board of Trustees, ASTC has two fulltime positions: the Managing Director and the Producing Director. 
The Managing Director is the Department Head of NMSU Theatre Arts. They are responsible for the overall vision and strategic plan of the organization, and have fiscal responsibility for it.
The Producing Director fundraises for the organization and serves as the primary connection between the Board and the Company.
When not using guest artists, who directs/acts/designs/stage manages your productions?
Our resident company, who also serve as professors and instructors in the NMSU Theatre Arts department. We also use both NMSU Theatre Arts students and local community members.
How can I get hired by ASTC?
If you are a professional theatre artist, or a local designer, contact us.
If you are a local actor, visit our auditions page.

How can I get more information about ASTC or NMSU Theatre Arts?
Please feel free to call our Administrative offices at (575) 646-4517.
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