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2016-2017 Season


The Servant of Two Masters

ByCarlo Goldoni  Translated and Adapted by Jeffery Hatcher
September 23-October 02, 2016
When Truffaldino signs on to serve two masters to garner double wages and double dinners, chaos and hilarity ensue! This witty adaptation is chock full of music, magic, pratfalls, and more!

A Christmas Carol 

Book and Lyrics by Tom Smith Music by Roger Butterley
November 18–December 04, 2016
The touching holiday musical is back and better than ever! Join Bob Crotchet, Tiny Tim and the ghosts of Past, Present and Future as they help curmudgeonly old Ebenezer Scrooge discover the magic of Christmas!

Purple Breasts:  One Woman's Journey Through Breast Cancer
By Lindstrom, Symon, Markus, McMahon and Patersonz
January 27 & 28, 2017 
Told with humor and tenderness, the play follows Zoe's journey with her husband, family and friends as she strives to find meaning and hope in the face of a life-changing event.  As one reviewer reported, " ...sensitivity and humor abound...Enlightening, harrowing, funny, and extremely touching."   A fundraiser for ASTC and breast cancer awareness.

Truth Dare

By Tori Keenan-Zelt
February 24-March 05, 2017 
13 year old Urea, Hannah, Linnet, and Maeve live in

A world built on secrets, loves, and backyard ghosts— until a traumatic accident forever changes things. Four years later, questions and accusations fly as the young women try to understand what happened, what they have lost, and how to live now.

Music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann Book and lyrics by Greg Kotis

April 28–May 7, 2017
Winner of three Tony Awards, Urine town is a hilarious musical satire of bureaucracy and musical theatre itself! A 20-year drought has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets— people must pay to use corporate-run facilities. But when a hero decides he’s had enough, he must lead the people into a revolution for freedom!


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