Housing - British Studies

Course fees include a private room for each student.  Rooms are organized into six room suites with shared showers, toilets, and fully equipped kitchens.  All rooms are equipped with ethernet cables and ports, but students who don’t wish to bring computers are offered access to on-campus computer labs.  Rooms are cleaned every other day, and the campus features 24-hour security, a health center, a convenience store, and laundry facilities.  Within five minutes’ walk of campus, there are numerous restaurants, small shops, a bank, a post, office, and a grocery store.  Queen Mary is located in the Mile End area of London’s East End.  The campus is a short walk to a Tube stop, and then twenty minutes via subway to the heart of London.

    The campus of Queen MaryThe campus of Queen Mary Waterway
The campus of Queen Mary, University of London--home to the British Studies Program
Maynard Hall on the campus of Queen Mary
Maynard Hall on the campus of Queen Mary, University of London--student housing for the British Studies Program