Finances - British Studies

Tuition – Fees for the British Studies Program total around $5300.  In addition, we recommend that students budget at least $2000 in spending money for the month in London.  All in all, expect to spend no less than $7300 for the course.

Tuition Fee includes: round trip airfare from Houston to London, housing for four weeks in London, tickets and entry fees for course activities, ground transportation to and from the airport in London, train and bus tickets for class-related activities outside of London.
Tuition Fee does not include: round trip airfare to and from Houston, food, books and printed materials related to class, transportation, tickets, and entry fees for activities not related to class, an essential “Tube Pass” for travel on London’s subway system
Deposit – At the time of application, students will need to make a NON-REFUNDABLE $275 deposit to secure a spot in the program.  Part of that cost goes towards an International Student ID card that will offer access to a variety of discounts while in Europe.  The remainder of the $5300 ($5025) will be due upon acceptance to the program and will be accepted no later than  May 1.
Financial Aid – Student loans can be applied toward the cost of the course.  In addition, NMSU has six Travel Stipends available to British Studies students.  To apply for financial aid, please see the “Steps to Take” section below.
Travel – Students are responsible for arranging transportation to Houston  for their international flight.  Once in Houston, British Studies students from NMSU will travel together to London.  All American citizens entering the United Kingdom must have a valid passport.  See the “Steps to Take” section below for links on how to apply for or renew a passport.  In London, most travel will be via “Tube,” London’s subway system.  Your professor will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable traveling by Tube and navigating London’s streets!