ASTC Board

The ASTC Board supports NMSU Theatre Arts through a series of events/fundraisers, through program ads, and through Board donations (see Giving Guidelines). Currently, the Board contributes to the Guest Artist Program, the Master Teacher program, the program for student travel to conferences and auditions, and the High Desert Play Development Program.

The Board carries out its activities in accord with bylaws that define its structure, governance, and mission. 

If you are interested in joining us as a Board member and working with ASTC and NMSU Theatre Arts, please contact Denise Welsh (dwelsh at, Board President.



Julia Brogan





 Layle Chambers

 Mike Cook

Wil Kilroy
  (Managing Director)    

Barb Ross

Irv Ross




Teddy Sanchez

Deborah Storm

William Storm


           Denise Welsh         

   Carolyn Williams   
(Vice President)