ASTC Awards and Recognitions

The work of ASTC in association with NMSU Theatre Arts has been recognized for thirty years.  Many productions, performances, artistic achievements, and contributions to the community have been celebrated over those many seasons. 

In 1992, less than ten years after ASTC’s founding, the Regents of New Mexico State University wrote a Resolution of Appreciation which lauded the company’s establishment of a national reputation and its ability to attract talented students to NMSU.

In 2005, at the time of ASTC’s 20 Year Anniversary, the Mayor of Las Cruces decreed that September be American Southwest Theatre Company month, with special attention to the enrichment of educational opportunities for theatre students, the guest artist program, the Theatre for Young Audiences, and attendance by over a quarter of a million patrons. 

In 2012, ASTC was recognized by the Dona Ana Arts Council with a Community Arts Award (left).